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Our forefathers planned houses and cities in such a way that dwellers enjoyed natural air conditioning throughout the year. One of the methods they used was using the natural breeze and a thick curtain soaked with moisture. As the breeze blew in from outside, it passed through this thick curtain and the moisture evaporated, cooling the breeze down to a soothing temperature.

Cello Air Coolers have improved the traditional science of evaporative cooling into a cutting edge technology. Engineering quality polymer body, lightweight, powerful blowers and fans, along with improved cooling pads in Cello give you Turbo Cooling that no fan can offer, at low costs which no air conditioner can match.

Cool down faster with Turbo Cool ™.

Cello’s Turbo Cooling System combines a more powerful air circulation system with compact cooling pads. This produces faster results and cools a larger space in less time. Cello Air Coolers come in remarkably energy efficient, sleek and portable cooling units.

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For refreshing cool air, just Add Water

Cello Air Coolers involve no installation costs. Just add water in the tank, plug in and start enjoying the refreshing cool breeze. These air coolers are designed in such a way that they are easy to maintain and rarely require expensive repair and maintenance. The screw-less cooling pad sections are so easy to take out for cleaning that you don’t even need a screwdriver!


Get a cool electricity bill every month

Cello Air Cooling systems are the most inexpensive, energy saving and efficient means of cooling. On an average, they use 92% less energy than an air conditioner. Cello Air Coolers also work in low voltage areas and on inverters. The low electricity bill you get is another reason why Cello is the coolest air cooler.


Coolest Features

Cello has a wide range of air coolers to keep you cool both indoors and outdoors. They include digital operations controlled by the remote. Its advanced intelligence technology allows Timer Settings on remote and digital settings. Humidity Control allows better cooling while Low water level indicator ensures uninterrupted functioning.  With in-built four way castor wheels, anyone can move them around easily from room to room, like a trolley bag


Close your eyes and…. breathe

Cello Air Cooler draws in fresh air from outdoors, filters it and cools indoors in a matter of minutes. Just imagine refreshing cool breeze by the lake. Cello Air Coolers work on the same concept of evaporative cooling and refreshes the mind and the body with a cool, soothing breeze.


Designed for today,durable for tomorrow.

When it comes to design, Cello Air Coolers can truly boast an international edge. Sleek contours in every model look so good that they enhance any interior or exterior décor.  The engineering grade plastic body is more durable and enables compact designs without compromising on power and performance, and so light weight that you can move it around like a travelling trolley bag!  Each compartment is also designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Rust proof screws are one of the many innovations in design that help the Cello Air Cooler run like clockwork, year after year.


Designed for today,durable for tomorrow.

Cello has proven its leadership in several categories, from India’s top selling writing instruments to moulded furniture, kitchen appliances and extrusion sheets. In each field, Cello has pushed the benchmark and spearheaded the modernization of Indian plastic industry with technology advancements. The world acknowledges its outstanding quality and innovation in plastic.

Now, with its arrival in air coolers, Cello unites its lasting values with new age technology.  With Air Coolers made with ultra durable, engineering grade plastic and powerful Turbo Cooling , it is once again set to delight and deliver beyond expectations. Ingenious engineering, innovative technology and a visionary approach for the future remain the hallmarks of Cello.